Adoption Travel

Adoption Travel

Congratulations on your upcoming adoption!

Adoption is the sweet time when you welcome someone new into your family.  It’s emotional and stressful, even if it’s in a good way.  The last thing you should be worried about is arranging travel to pick up your precious new one.   Pine Hill Travel has served many adoption clients, and we know that it’s such a high pressure (though happy!) situation to book last minute travel.  We certainly understand and can definitely help whether you are looking for the best deal, looking to outsource the hassle of the travel piece of this puzzle, or a little bit of both.

We will do analysis based on your unique situation to help you get the best value possible, save you money, and lower your stress.  We have helped dozens of adoptive families meet their babies and bring them home.

If you need help working out your travel strategy to minimize cost, minimize hassle, or both, schedule a Pick My Brain consulting session.  We’ll exchange a few emails about your priorities and needs and then speak on the phone or Skype for about an hour to map out the best adoption travel strategies.
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For full-service concierge services, please contact today for a quote on your specific situation.