Business Concierge Service

Do you have significant business travel to manage?  Do you have travel that’s required, but you still need to get the best value available?  Would you like to outsource your travel arranging to experts who understand who you are and what you want and stress less?

We would love to be of service.  We have a subscription service available for our business concierge customers.  For a flat fee, we will handle unlimited travel services including airfare, hotels, rental car, managing your loyalty programs, handling changes and cancellations, travel day support, and more.

Contact us at for a quote.  Please answer the following questions:

  1. About how often do you travel per month or per year?
  2. How much US domestic vs. international travel do you do?
  3. What is your top priority when it comes to travel?  Low cost, comfort level, minimal travel time, lack of hassle, or other (please specify)?