Here’s what some of our awesome clients have to say about booking with Pine Hill Travel:

Leslie S. ~ Houston to Dominican Republic

You are a travel ninja!

Katie E. ~ North Carolina to Cape Cod and Boston, MA

Working with you has been the best experience… Excellent start to finish. Thorough, knowledgeable and went above and beyond my expectations! We also went from nervous-but-determined to travel with babies to excited and decently confident! Hope to use [you] again soon!

Kimmerie J. ~ Boston, MA, to Honolulu, HI

So you know how I’m heading out on a multi-leg, multi-person, multi-airline, multi-month trip?
Believe me when I say it would not have been possible without my old friend, Amy Simpkins. She helped us navigate the different options, fares, and child maneuverings flawlessly, and made sure that we had the flights that were best suited to us and our particular quirks. And she did all of it for a price that even with her consulting fee was less than what I had found on my own.
And then last week one of our flight times changed, and she immediately contacted him with two options for him to consider, and then arranged the change.
But it gets better.
Today I went online to check in for my initial JetBlue leg, and decided I wanted to upgrade to their EvenMoreSpace seating. I put in my info, entered my payment info, clicked continue…. and it said “sorry, we can’t do this, you’ll need to talk to the gate agent.”  On a whim, I emailed Amy and said “hey, is there anything we can do about this?”  In fewer than 30 minutes she had contacted JetBlue, gotten the seat I wanted, and sent me my boarding pass.


I cannot tell you how relieved/lucky/safe I feel with my trip in her hands.


Emily M. ~ Shanghai, China, to Hoi An, Vietnam

Amy booked our vacation for us during the largest yearly human migration in the world – Chinese New Year.  We’d started looking but the options were just overwhelming, plus everything is really expensive at that time.  The only thing that we’d decided was where to go.  Our group consisted of grandparents who were flying to China and then Vietnam, and our family including a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old.


Hoi An Testimonial

Amy took all of the hassle out of for us.  She booked the grandparents tickets so that they didn’t have to backtrack.  She booked on an amazing airline to Vietnam that handed out toys to the kids on every flight, had real silverware, and the flight attendants would come and pick up and hold any kid that was fussing!  It was amazing.  On the way back, they saw we didn’t have a bassinet booked (our choice so we could all sit together) so they blocked an empty seat for us so we could lay the baby down.



She aways gave us a few options, but I’m so happy that I just asked “what would you do?” I followed all of her recommendations and they were spot on.  She made it easy for us and helped us realize we didn’t have to do an expensive, package deal with jam-packed uncomfortable flights and basic hotel rooms.  It was such a relief to have someone else do all of the research and make recommendations based on our needs, instead of trying to fit into a one-size-fits-all travel deal or spending hours and hours trying to decide what to do ourselves.  I’m sure she also saved us thousands of dollars – I know she saved us at least $900 on the US to China leg, $600 per ticket from Vietnam to US, hundreds on lodging and even a couple hundred dollars by providing the visa advice to us, plus whatever she saved us on our tickets from China to Vietnam.